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Our Mission

Our Mission at Al-Khair Welfare Trust is a not-for-profit organisation working for the public benefit to provide food, money and resource materials to underprevivileged families that are in need. We aim to improve the living conditions of the
helpless and those in need.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Empower
  • Integrity
  • Influence
Al Khair Welfare Trust
Al Khair Welfare Trust
Burial services

Burial services Our charity offers support to families who are in need with funeral costs, washing the deceased and paying towards the burials. To check if you’re are eligible for support please contact us. Please contact us for more information.

Al-Khair Welfare Trust - Burial Services

How can I access
free food in the UK?

With food poverty on the rise in the UK, many more people are turning to food banks and looking for food charities to help feed themselves and their families.

Free Food Access

Our weekly community dining and delivery service not only provides free food to anyone that needs it. It also helps reduce loneliness

At Al Khair Welfare trust, we’re committed to helping people who are hungry or lonely get a delicious, nutritious meal once a week; cooked and served for them by volunteers who also offer company and good conversation.

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